The point of Fasting on Fridays is not simply to go hungry. It is to use the times we have (e.g. mealtimes) to take real action that can impact your world. Here are some ideas to undertake during mealtimes on Fridays :

Immediate (No preparation required)

  1. Read and Reflect on compassion and empathy
  2. Write down concrete actions on how you can make a difference with your skills and resources
  3. Create a resource kit that you can keep available if you have the opportunity to help someone along your way.

Short Term (A little preparation and coordination required)

  1. Research and complete a local volunteer opportunity related to hunger in your community
  2. Organize a group to take a shift at a local food pantry

Long term (more than a month of preparation and coordination required)

  1. Organize a humanitarian or medical missions trip

Now I am definitely not an authority in this space, please feel free to send us items to add to this list. We’d love to hear from you. You can find our contact details on the contact us page.