So who is behind all this? Is this some secret conservative/liberal/religious/secular agenda? No, I happen to be an Asian American first generation immigrant. But I believe we all share a concern for our fellow man. This is not unique to my community. But I think we are all paralyzed by the question of how we can make a difference.

Many moons ago (over 10 years ago), I lived in New Zealand. I attended a little humble immigrant church. Our pastor encouraged us to take a decision to fast on fridays. The intent was to reflect and pray and allow the pain in our bellies to remind us that there are many bellies around the world hungry today, and they can’t all be filled at the end of the day breaking a fast. The act of fasting allows us to experience what our brothers and sisters experience every day. It gives us a sense of empathy that is sorely lacking in this world.

I continued to fast every Friday over the years. It made for some awkward Friday lunch conversations at work. Then I joined a missions trip to Haiti. That cemented in my mind the decision, and I’ve committed to continuing this (excepting medically necessary or extenuating circumstances).

So no, there is no agenda. Just that we would become better people, better versions of ourselves. That is my hope. This is not about fame or fortune, simply that we could spark a change.