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Famous Fasters From the Past (speaking from a health perspective)

We're in good company! Here are some snippets pulled from Dr. Jason Fung's book. Link at the bottom. Famous fasters and some quotes: Hippocrates – “Sudden death is more common in those who are naturally fat than in the lean.”...Read More

Can You See the Face of Your Enemy?

Have you ever felt like someone was out to get you? Sometimes we have a face. Sometimes it's just a spiritual battle. Was it a childhood bully, a competitive co-worker, an ex-friend or spouse who tormented you? It's terrifying when the...Read More
God says, "I see you."

When the Most Comforting Words God Says are, “I See You”

God has been telling me, "I see you," this week.   I have wanted to please others since I was little. These misplaced values have been under construction for years. Pleasers are more comfortable in a parenting role with little kids...Read More
Fasting is about giving yourself to God.

Why Fast? How to Stay Encouraged in Small Beginnings

Let's be real: fasting is difficult, and most Christians are not very good at it, including this one. Many "spiritually mature" people struggle with fasting. I have spoken with many other moms, and the consensus is pretty much the same:...Read More
We are in wait training, spiritual discipline

Wait Training: Building Muscles of Faith by Prayer and Fasting

A major shift happened in my prayer life on the first day of school a few years ago, and I began wait training. I was anxious after dropping my kids off as I headed to a stressful meeting. My oldest...Read More
God's faithfulness in our past requires present trust.

God’s Past Faithfulness Demands our Present Trust

...Thus far the Lord has helped us. These words in 1 Samuel 7:12, stopped me in my tracks the other day. I feel desperate and fearful about the future. My constant plea is God, help me! I'm afraid He won't...Read More
Praying about temptation

Praying About Temptation

When I'm praying about temptation for my children I always remember my Dad saying, Do smart things! when we were heading out of the house. Now I say, Do smart things!  as my kids hop out of the car, hoping it'll stick. I...Read More